Go Mentor, Not Mental


Many of us have been the “go to” tech resource in our organization, and while this might be fun and flattering for the first while, it can quickly become taxing. So what are the options?

Mentoring is not always an easy task. Sometimes it’s due to simple personality challenges, or if you’re like me, you’ve tried sharing your knowledge with others achieving varying levels of success. Having learned much of what I know through practice and real life application with other talented technicians, it was often a struggle to confidently teach others around me. I found myself constantly searching for resources that confirmed my knowledge base while also teaching new things. From reading articles to working alongside more experienced technicians I gleaned knowledge from every experience possible, gigs that went well, and those that presented challenges, each offered something to take forward and make note of. This helped develop my own skills while providing me with multiple ways to explain concepts in ways that I may have never thought of. If you find yourself getting a bit weary and lonesome in the tech support role, don’t be afraid to introduce and make use of the great resources that are available to us! Even if you’ve been at it for what feels like a lifetime, some of the basic refreshers always remind us of how important the fundamentals are. Listening to another technicians approach can breathe new life to what we sometimes feel we can do in our sleep!

Listening to another tech's approach can breathe new life into what we sometimes feel we can do in our sleep. #techtalk

Don’t go mental, find some resources to help mentor, not only for others, but yourself as well!

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