Understanding Video Cables


Understanding Video Cables

5 Chapters

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Throughout this notebook, Bill will continue the discussion from his first notebook, Getting Started with Video Projection and introduce and explain each type of video cable needed in building your system.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • BNC Cables

    In this first chapter we waste no time in getting familiar with one of the pioneers in video cables, the BNC style cable. Bill highlights its origin and how it’s still a standard in today’s video world.

  • RCA Cables

    A standard in consumer devices, we find this connector protocol in the professional world as well. Bill will highlight it’s uses, and once again we find an old standard being used in today’s digital world.

  • VGA Cables

    In chapter 3 of this book, we’ll take a look at the VGA connector, standard to most computers and laptops until recently. Developed originally for computer graphics, it’s not uncommon to find it carrying a variety of signal standards.

  • DVI Cables

    Bill takes the viewer through the DVI family of cables, highlighting the benefits and limitations, while touching on solutions for longer distance runs.

  • HDMI Cables

    Developed in an effort to have a connector that was backwards compatible to the DVI, Bill will highlight the specifics in cable lengths, digital copyright protection and physical connection challenges with this cable, while also highlighting the benefits it offers.

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