Understanding Microphones


Understanding Microphones

4 Chapters

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Selecting the right mic is the first step to capturing great sound. By reviewing commonly used mic's and their unique characteristics, you’ll know when to reach for an industry classic and when to try something different in order to amplify great sound.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Dynamic vs Condenser

    In this video we will discuss two different types of microphones, each with its own unique application. From this, the viewer will understand the differences and benefits of each.

  • Selecting the Right Microphone

    Deciphering the difference between dynamic and condenser microphones, this video will discuss the best use for each type of microphone in a live stage environment.

  • Pickup Patterns

    In this video we will learn about different pickup patterns by discussing the natural three-dimensional space each microphone has and the characteristics associated with each pattern.

  • Wireless Microphones

    In this video we will discuss situations in which wireless microphones are the best option, and identify times when they may not be necessary to achieve optimal results.

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