Production Management


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To produce a great video, TV show, movie or live event, you need to have a vision and a plan. Without a clear vision for the project, any attempts to complete it will be slow and cumbersome.

In this Notebook, we will examine the separate roles of the producer, the director and the floor director.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • The Role of The Producer

    The producer's role in video production is to be the representative of the executive producer or client. They are charged with refining the vision of the project and communicating its requirements to the writers, talent and director. They make sure the project is completed on time, on budget and most importantly, exactly the way the client requested it to look and feel.

  • The Role of the Director

    A director is responsible for creating the visual and auditory representation of the project. They work closely with the producer, crew members and talent to bring the vision to fruition. They have to have a solid knowledge of all key positions under their direction and effectively communicate the execution of each aspect of the project. They are involved from the onset of the project until the completion of the final mastering.

  • The Role of the Floor Director

    A floor director is the eyes, ears and mouth of the director. They are in control of the studio or venue. They make sure the crew and talent are where they are supposed to be, relaying information from the director. If the floor director does not have control of the room, the project runs behind and the execution is flawed.

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