Mic’ing a Presenter


Mic’ing a Presenter

3 Chapters

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However awkward as it may be, properly mic'ing up a presenter is crucial to capturing great sound. Throughout this notebook we will walk through the right way of using both a headset and lavaliere mic when mic'ing up the presenter at your next event.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Introduction to Mic'ing

    As with any job, a proper approach and disposition will always make things smoother, especially in a one on one situation like mic’ing up a presenter or “the talent”.

  • Headset Mics

    Before diving into lav mic’s, we take a look at headset mic’s and how to properly place them and the importance in knowing how they can be adjusted to make sure your talent is comfortable wearing the equipment.

  • Lavaliere Mics

    Matt and Gerben walk us through the practical application of “installing” a lav mic on a presenter, how to communicate and where to place the mic for proper results.

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