Mic’ing a Band


Mic’ing a Band

8 Chapters

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Although mic'ing a band varies between personal preference, style and instrument, there are general principles that become the building blocks for personal interpretation of mic selection and placement.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Introduction to Mic’ing

    There is more than one way to mic a band, and in this video you will learn some standard practices and common techniques used by sound engineers to best capture their sound.

  • Mic’ing a Kick Drum

    This second video provides tips, tricks and things to do (and not to do) when mic’ing a kick drum. From mic choice to placement, you’ll have the knowledge to achieve desired results.

  • Mic’ing a Snare Drum

    In this third video we will continue to discuss microphone choice, as well as placement and techniques that will prepare you to effectively mic a snare drum.

  • Mic’ing Rack Toms

    Further exploring how to mic a drum kit, this video prepares you digs a little deeper into choice of microphone, and offers direction for proper placement and techniques used to mic the rack toms.

  • Mic’ing Cymbals

    This video continues to discuss mic choice, placement and techniques when it comes to mic'ing cymbals, as well as introducing some unconventional, yet effective, methods.

  • Mic'ing Electric & Bass Guitars

    In this video we discuss mic choice, placement and techniques for mic'ing electric and bass guitar amps, while addressing direct boxes and long distance transmitters for off-stage amplifiers.

  • Mic’ing Acoustic Guitars

    This seventh video offers simple guidelines for mic'ing an acoustic guitar, and also offers solutions for capturing direct acoustic guitar sounds for live concert applications.

  • Mic’ing Vocals

    Proper techniques for handling and projecting into a mic are the focus of this eighth video. Providing useful information for engineers and singers alike, this video will help you achieve great sounding vocals.

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