Lighting a Subject

Lighting a Subject

5 Chapters

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In order to properly light a subject on a stage, we must first familiarize ourselves with the tools at our disposal by breaking down all the unique control attributes associated with Leko’s, Fresnel and Pars, while providing you a closer look at each fixture.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • The Lekolight

    To properly light a subject, we must first be familiar with the tools at our disposal. Tran starts us off with taking a look at the Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight, commonly referred to as the leko. He demonstrates the options associated with this fixture and the various options in controlling the beam of light.

  • The Fresnel

    While the leko or ERS fixture is one of the more popular fixtures,it’s important to know your options. The Fresnel (pronounced Fernel) fixture, is an ideal choice when looking for an even field of light, yet still maintaining some control. Tran explains the options in control with this fixture and demonstrates how the fixture functions.

  • The Par

    Continuing our journey of exploring the fixture options, we finally take a look at the Par fixture. Probably one of the most popular fixtures due to it’s relative low cost and ease of use, it also has the least amount of control available. That’s not to say we should dismiss it, for every application there’s an appropriate fixture! Let’s have a look at the options that ARE available to this style of fixture.

  • Beams and Angles

    Perhaps you’re familiar with the fixtures we’ve covered but have never understood how you choose one leek barrel over the other. Tran will explain to us why certain fixtures should be used and how to ascertain the proper barrel for our fixtures. After watching this video, you’ll be able to take the guess work out of choosing your fixtures, saving time and money!

  • Bringing it All Together

    This final chapter brings everything we’ve learned about the fixtures together to demonstrate how to effectively light a subject on a stage. Tran will demonstrate how using the framing options associated with Fresnels and Lekos to highlight the desired area without spilling light over the stage.

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