Getting Started with Video Projection

Getting Started with Video Projection

4 Chapters

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The use of video projectors in live production has become a standard practice that takes many forms. This notebook starts at the beginning, offering a basic understanding of the key components that make up any projector.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Introduction to Projection

    A beginner’s guide to video projection, this chapter will initiate the learning process about how to select the correct size screen, projector and what to be aware of with venue restrictions.

  • Getting Started with Projection

    This chapter will identify challenges to be aware of when setting up video projection. The viewer will start to consider the projector’s throw distance and different aspect ratios.

  • Selecting the Right Resolution

    In this video we will explain what pixel count is, and identify how various resolutions are determined. The meaning of “native” resolution will also be shared.

  • Learning Lumens

    Explaining how to define and measure video brightness with lumens, this video starts the conversation on what to look out for with possible ambient light interference.

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