Getting Started with Live Streaming

Getting Started with Live Streaming

5 Chapters

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Starting from the beginning, we're touching on workflow, interfaces, encoders and content delivery networks, giving the knowledge you need to feel like an expert and ask the right questions. Although this may seem overwhelming at first glance, we are confident it all begin to make sense.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Workflow

    Continuing on in the conversation, we take a quick look at the basic workflow all live streaming systems are built on to gain a unified starting point for our conversation.

  • Interfaces

    Moving along the workflow chain comes the interface. A simple piece, yet very important, we'll look at some important things to consider when choosing your interface.

  • Encoders

    Next we take a closer look at various encoder options to package our content for delivery over the web. Once again, with so many options, Nathan offers some important insight to help you make the correct choice for your application.

  • Content Delivery Networks

    We have our interface and encoder selected, now we need to figure out how to deliver our content over the internet. This chapter breaks down the big decisions to consider when choosing your content delivery network.

  • Concluding Thoughts

    When considering to broadcast your message via live steaming, it's important to start with the WHY. Setting goals and clear objectives helps you in choosing the appropriate hardware, software and means of delivery that's right for you.

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