Getting Started with Audio

Getting Started with Audio

8 Chapters

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Whether you’re a new or casual operator, this notebook will start you on a path to feeling like an expert as you walk through the basics of understanding foundational terminology, proper systems set-up to creating your first mix.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Introduction to Audio

    In this video you will be introduced to commonly used tools, terms and definitions while learning the basics of what it means to be an audio engineer.

  • Audio Signal Flow

    This chapter digs deeper into the basics of audio signal flow and will guide you through the necessary steps to effectively set up an input channel.

  • Audio Sources

    This chapter will clearly highlight the uses of different types of microphones, while reviewing the difference between various line level inputs.

  • Equalizers

    Exploring the different applications and types of equalizers is the focus of this fourth chapter, offering useful guidance on the effective use of EQ’s.

  • Channel Routing

    Offering a further exploration of audio signal flow, this fifth chapter will take a good look at the various options for routing audio through a mixer.

  • Mixing Monitors

    Although sometimes a daunting task, this sixth chapter offers useful tips and techniques to ensure mixing monitors becomes a simple and efficient process.

  • Mixing Front of House

    With a solid foundation built in the first six chapters, chapter seven brings the basic concepts together and will prepare the viewer to create a balanced audio mix.

  • Adding Effects to Enhance A Mix

    When ready to take the next step in audio mixing, this chapter offers introductions to dynamics and effects offering further control and more studio-like mixes.

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