Basics of Technical Directing


3 Chapters

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In this notebook we will tech the responsibilities of the Technical Director as it relates to a multi-camera production. You will learn the role of the TD on production day, as well as well as the operation of a multi-camera switcher, which is part of the Technical Directors job.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • The Role of a Technical Director

    The Technical Director, or TD, Is responsible for all the the technical setup and operation of each piece of equipment needed for the production. This includes making sure that all the sources necessary for the production are functioning properly and are connected to the switcher and can be seen and heard.

  • Connecting Sources

    Here we will show you the basic connections from different sources and how to plug them into your switcher.

  • Video Switcher Operation

    In this final chapter we will examine the basic of operating a video switcher. We will show you some of the basic functions that are universal with all video switchers

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