Basics of Camera Operation

Basics of Camera Operation

3 Chapters

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This notebooks starts with the basics, teaching any new camera operator the essentials of capturing a live event. Whether it's a concert, a keynote or a baseball game, the principles of camera operation all built from the same foundation.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Terminology and Definitions

    To be proficient in any field, having a basic understanding of the terminology is essential; especially as a camera operator working with a director. Starting at ground zero, Darrick explains the most commonly used terms in the industry.

  • Breaking Down the Camera

    Knowing the terminology is only half the battle, Darrick continues to walk us through the basic features of the camera itself. While taking a look at some of the options available on different cameras and things to think about when building a system.

  • Shooting and Framing

    Knowing how to set up and operate our camera, we need to look at how to frame our shots. This chapter unpacks the specific terms a director might use to capture an event and how we can properly frame our shots to make sense to the viewer.

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