Avid SC48



4 Chapters

Menu System

In this User Guide, Kevin will provide easy to use instructions on how to operate one of the most sought after audio console in the industry, the Avid SC48.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Surface Control

    In this chapter we focus on some of the surface control related to gain, high pass filter, panning and various sends in the console.

  • Adding EQ

    The third chapter continues to look at the surface controls of the console, in this case, related to eq, compression, gating and auxiliary sends.

  • Assigning VCA’s

    Assigning VCA and DCA groups is the focus of this third chapter. Kevin will show us how easy this can be on the Avid platform.

  • Plugins

    The SC48 is well known for the availability of plugins as a highly useful tool. Kevin takes us on an in-depth look of how to route them to various inputs and outputs.

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