Audio Signal Flow

Audio Signal Flow

4 Chapters

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Now that you have a basic understanding of your audio system, let’s take a closer look into Audio Signal Flow; expanding on cable connection, exploring mixer inputs and improving the signal path to the speakers.

Chapters in this Notebook

  • Understanding Inputs

    In this first chapter we begin by taking an in-depth look at signal flow from the performance stage, exploring the various possible inputs into a mixer and through to the speakers.

  • Input Gain

    The proper set-up of the input gain of a channel is the building block to maintain clarity of an input source. Chapter two provides instruction, and reviews the importance of appropriately setting up the input stage of the channel.

  • Output Gain

    Addressing the next critical step, this video walks the viewer through the process to ensure proper operation and set-up of the output stage. This allows for an unrestricted and clear audio signal.

  • Signal Flow

    The final chapter in this notebook takes the viewer through the entire audio signal path and explores the various options for sending signal through an audio system.

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