What’s new in Technotes.tv 2.0?


If you’re a new user to Technotes.tv, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for joining and to welcome you to the Technotes.tv community. For those of you who are returning members, welcome to Technotes.tv 2.0!

Returning Features:

  • Detailed Video Lessons

    Our information packed videos are still here jam packed with useful information for you and your team. We’re currently hard at work planning even more videos for you so stay tuned!

  • TechTalk Articles

    Our selection of tips and tricks articles, along with interviews with other production professionals are available to everyone regardless of it they are a current subscriber or not! Share these with your friends or anyone who you think might find them useful!

Exciting New Features:

  • eLearning Modules

    We’ve revamped how we deliver out content here at technotes.tv. Out are video playlists and in are full eLearning modules called Notebooks. Each Chapter in our Notebooks now has an interactive quiz attached to it so you can test what you’ve learned. As you complete the quizzes you’ll begin to track your progress through that Notebook.

  • Earn Certificates

    When you successfully pass all the chapter quizzes associated with a Notebook, you’ll now earn a printable Certificate with your name on it! Print it off and show it with pride. You’ve earned it!

  • Team Memberships

    For those of you visiting from larger organizations we now offer the ability to buy groups of user accounts all administered by a single “Team Leader” account. This allows each member on your team to have their own user account and track their own progress! Multiple accounts but only one invoice!

  • Community Features

    We believe that teamwork and collaboration is a very important part of pulling off any production. As such we’ve given you the tools needed to discuss, collaborate and make friends with other members of the site. You can now add friends, share your activity, send public and private messages back and forth or join the discussion on a number of topics in our Community Forums.

  • Account Controls

    We’ve added the ability to upgrade your account at any time now. Want to jump up to a Team Membership and invite your colleagues? You can do this easily now from the Membership Info page. View additional information from your Account page.

At technotes.tv we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality content we possible can to you. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ve go in store. Check back often for new content, features and articles!

Wishing you the best of luck,
The Technotes.tv Team