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Derek Elliotson -

Derek Elliotson

Derek is a Canadian born music producer and mixer; working with local artists, singers and songwriters out of his studio, Graftmusic, based in St Catharines, Ontario. Derek also splits his time on staff as the Production Director for Central Community Church overseeing all things audio, video and lighting.

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Kevin Fix -

Kevin Fix

At the age of 12, armed with a letter from his mom, Kevin was allowed to become the head technician at the local bar in his hometown. Shortly after that, Kevin hit the road with numerous bands touring across the world running sound in various venues from bars to stadiums to TV shows. Kevin has become very in demand as a front of house audio engineer as well as a system technician.

Audio Signal Flow,

Lydia Fry -

Lydia Fry

Growing up in a family that encouraged the arts, Lydia began her passion for sound as a musician. This lead her to study sound technology at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto and go on to work full time in the industry for the past 10 years. Despite her age, Lydia's ability to work with artists, lead teams and mix great audio has given her the opportunity to be the head tech for a Toronto-based musical theatre production and lead a team as the head tech for a cruise ship. Lydia's passion to see other technicians excel led her to begin SoundMind in 2012, which offer on-site training with volunteers and beginning techs.

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Nathan Kordyjaka -

Nathan Kordyjaka

Nathan truly loves what he does and feels blessed to have the opportunity to combine many of my biggest passions into many different roles. He works with video production, live internet broadcasting and producing live content, as well as managing and directing technology development projects within the healthcare sector. The bulk of his time is spent with eThereLIVE, a live video streaming and video production company out of the beautiful Niagara region. We specialize in the execution and delivery of custom live streaming solutions for large conferences and seminars, as well as live concert events, sporting events and everything in between.

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Tran Langford -

Tran Langford

Tran started dabbling in AV in his early teens, volunteering to help out at local area concerts and youth groups. This soon lead to contracted opportunity with companies like, Westbury National Show Systems and Crocodile Productions at the Molson Amphitheater, which quickly turned this one-time hobby into a passion and full time career choice. After moving to Nashville for a couple years, touring and becoming a sought after Lighting Designer, Tran moved back to Canada to launch, Soundbox Productions, with life-long friend, Jamie Altena. Fifteen years later, Tran is still at it quarterbacking all Production Operations for Soundbox, which includes departments in all areas of the industry, including audio, lighting, video, staging and installation.

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Matt Lodder -

Matt Lodder

Getting his start being involved in his high school drama program, Matt stumbled upon the world of theatre production. He quickly became the go to guy for all things tech related in his school. While in his first year of Theatre Technical production at college, he was offered a chance to start touring, he accepted and has been at it ever since. Matt has seen the world from behind the console for various bands and has an unbridled love for all things related to live and studio audio and strives to be always learning something new.

Audio Dynamics,

Colin Moore -

Colin Moore

Colin Moore has a contagious passion for event production. Starting as an audio engineer, Colin saw the light and started to train and become an expert on the lighting side of live production. Colin has spent time on the road touring as a lighting technician, and has become a go-to lighting designer in the Toronto area. Colin is young and ambitious but his knowledge far surpasses his age.

Getting Started with Conventional Lighting,

Calvin Roy -

Calvin Roy

Calvin Roy is 20 year veteran in the live event production industry. Calvin learnt the basics slugging gear in high school as a part time job. He mastered the tricks of the trade as a touring musician, and later as a touring technician. Calvin oversaw the Church Audio Academy training program and is currently the Vice-President of Sales and Integration at Soundbox Productions (, based outside of Toronto. Calvin has little pet animals living in his beard.

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Darrick Vanderwier -

Darrick Vanderwier

Basics of Camera Operation,

Bill Wood -

Bill Wood

Growing up and always having his hands in the production industry, Bill Wood went on to complete his Broadcast and Television diploma, as well as the Recording Arts Program. Bill is also a proficient touring and session drummer. Bill has become an expert in the video field being called upon for various types of events with different and complex video demands. Bill hasn’t cut his hair since high school.

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