Frequently Asked Questions

What is Technotes?

We are an online learning community that provides proven, practical and professional training in all areas of live production, audio, and visual.

What is a ‘Notebook’?

Notebooks are our courses and training material we offer. We call them notebooks because we like the idea of keeping notes and constantly learning, referencing what you’d learned online with what is happening onstage.

How do Notebooks work?

Each Notebook is made up of Chapters. Each Chapter is a video lesson, followed by a short quiz. To successfully complete a Notebook, you must watch all the video content and complete all quizzes.

What is the difference between a Single User account and a Team Leader account?

A Team leader account offers the same features as a standard account, as well as subscription management for your Team Member accounts, the ability to add and remove Team members, and in the future, the ability to view the progress of your Team Members.

Do I have to pay extra for additional courses?

Never! Your subscription gives you FULL access to every Technotes Notebook on the site - including all future Notebooks!

I’d love to learn about something you don’t have covered, do you take requests?

We sure do! Contact us and let us know what you’d like to see. We can’t guarantee we can cover everything, but we’d love to know what you are looking for!

I have questions about a specific Notebook, where can I get more information?

The first and best place to ask questions is on the forums. Each course has it’s own forum page, where you can ask any question you may have. Hopefully one of our community members or perhaps even one of the instructors will gladly respond there. If there is a specific problem you are running into, you can Contact us directly.