Lighting a Stage

Lighting Lighting a Stage5 Chapters Notebook TrailerThis notebook demonstrates how to properly light an entire stage using the three-point lighting techniques, while teaching you how to break your stage down into zones, helping you accomplish the smoothest wash effects possible. Tran Langford Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookIntroduction to TerminologyTo effectively light a stage, we should know how to communicate … Read More

Lighting a Subject

Lighting Lighting a Subject5 Chapters Notebook TrailerIn order to properly light a subject on a stage, we must first familiarize ourselves with the tools at our disposal by breaking down all the unique control attributes associated with Leko’s, Fresnel and Pars, while providing you a closer look at each fixture. Tran Langford Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookThe LekolightTo properly … Read More

Getting Started with Conventional Lighting

Lighting Getting Started with Conventional Lighting4 Chapters Notebook TrailerThis notebook will introduce you to the foundational building blocks of lighting, providing the basic understanding of terminology and definitions, while introducing you to the typical conventional fixtures in standard lighting set ups. Tran Langford Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookIntroduction to LightingAn introduction to lighting terminology, highlighting the difference between conventional … Read More