Production Management


Video 3 Chapters Notebook TrailerTo produce a great video, TV show, movie or live event, you need to have a vision and a plan. Without a clear vision for the project, any attempts to complete it will be slow and cumbersome. In this Notebook, we will examine the separate roles of the producer, the director and the floor director. Allan … Read More

Basics of Technical Directing


Video 3 Chapters Notebook TrailerIn this notebook we will tech the responsibilities of the Technical Director as it relates to a multi-camera production. You will learn the role of the TD on production day, as well as well as the operation of a multi-camera switcher, which is part of the Technical Directors job. Odous Bennett Enroll Now! Chapters in this … Read More

Basics of Camera Operation

Video Basics of Camera Operation3 Chapters Notebook TrailerThis notebooks starts with the basics, teaching any new camera operator the essentials of capturing a live event. Whether it’s a concert, a keynote or a baseball game, the principles of camera operation all built from the same foundation. Darrick Vanderwier Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookTerminology and DefinitionsTo be proficient in any … Read More

Getting Started with Audio

Audio Getting Started with Audio8 Chapters Notebook TrailerWhether you’re a new or casual operator, this notebook will start you on a path to feeling like an expert as you walk through the basics of understanding foundational terminology, proper systems set-up to creating your first mix. Calvin Roy Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookIntroduction to AudioIn this video you will be … Read More