User Guide to Cables

User Guides User Guide to Cables2 Chapters Audio CablesCables are clearly essential to the proper operation (or any operation) of an audio system. Often the wrong cables are used due to a simple lack of understanding of their purpose. Lydia takes us through the most commonly used and required audio cables and explains their function and proper usage. Lydia Fry … Read More

Behringer X32

User Guides Behringer X324 Chapters Menu SystemKevin takes us through the very popular digital audio console from Behringer, the X32 in this User Guide from Kevin Fix Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookScenes and ShowsOne of the key features of any digital console is the ability to save shows and scenes. This chapter looks at the filing section of … Read More

Avid SC48

User Guides AVID SC484 Chapters Menu SystemIn this User Guide, Kevin will provide easy to use instructions on how to operate one of the most sought after audio console in the industry, the Avid SC48. Kevin Fix Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookSurface ControlIn this chapter we focus on some of the surface control related to gain, high pass filter, … Read More

Audio Technician Etiquette

User Guides Audio Technician Etiquette2 Chapters Notebook TrailerIs being a prepared and a good communicator essential to being an effective audio technician? We would say, yes. In this notebook, learn two simple practices that will transform you from a good audio engineer, to one that artist seek out. Lydia Fry Enroll Now! Chapters in this NotebookPreparationIn this first chapter, Lydia … Read More